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Top Beautiful Libraries

Have you traveled around the US and visited Libraries?

Here are our top 10 Beautiful Libraries that we think you should visit!


10. Suzzallo Library of the University of Washington, Washington



9. Skywalker Ranch Library, California



8. Hearst Castle Gothic Study, California



7. Los Angeles Central Library, California



6. Indianapolis Public Library, Indiana



5. Braddock Carnegie Library, Pennsylvania



4. Boston Public Library, Massachusetts



3. Morgan Library, New York



2. The Armstrong-Browning Library at Baylor University, Texas



  1. Webb Library, North Carolina

(Of course our Library is #1 – We love it and it’s just beautiful)


There are so many lovely libraries around the US! It’s hard to narrow it down! Did you visit a library that wasn’t on our list but should have been? Let us know and post some photos too! We would love to see where you have been! Every library is different! They all have their own stories to tell and not just in books! Each building tells a story! Every library has books, but not all books are the same.

We’ve given you the list of beautiful libraries around the US, now it’s up to you to find out why we chose those libraries! Go visit, refer a friend, or do some research! The mystery is up to you to solve! Enjoy!


I love when I visit a library, I find a comfy spot to nestle in for a bit and read a good book! Then when I’m ready, I check out and borrow the book. It’s nice to find a nice spot to relax, enjoy the peace and a good book! Sure, we live at the beach and can do the same thing, but there is nothing like being surrounded by history and books. We also have a garden off to side that you can enjoy and read a good book! Come visit The Webb Library, wonder around and listen! No really…listen! It’s quiet and a good book is calling your name or was that the ghost?!





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