F.A.Q.s | How Do I …?

Get a Library Card?

Checking out books at The Webb is as easy as signing up to be a patron. Any staff member will be able to provide you with the necessary application form. The Webb requires that you have a photo id with your current address or, if you’re new to the area, a utility bill with your new address along with your photo ID. Since moving to the Apollo Circulation system the Webb now issues actual cards. Patron data is stored on the computer. This library is not part of the County Library System so those cards are not valid at the Webb.

Fees for overdue books are 10 cents a day per overdue item. By signing up to be a patron, you agree to follow the Webb Library Rules & Regulations and to notify us of any change of address.

Find a book?

The Webb book collection is computerized to facilitate locating books and authors. Either the staff can help you find a book or there is a computerized book catalog for patron use. Also, there is a link on this website that allows you to view our card catalog here. You can find it on the toolbar at the top of this page. Click on “Online Catalog” to view it.

Renew a book?

Best way is to go online to the catalog and log into your account and renew or request an item. You may also call the library at (252) 726-3012, stop by the library circulation desk, or send an e-mail to webbcirculation@gmail.com. E-mails should have “renew book” as the subject and you should include your name, the title of the book and the current due date. Books can be renewed one time for an additional 3 weeks

Reserve a book?

Again, the best way is to log in to your account using the internet to look at our catalog. You may also stop by the circulation desk, call the library at (252) 726-3012, or send an email to webbcirculation@gmail.com. Your e-mail needs your name and phone number, the title of the book and the author. Please put “reserve book” in the subject area. When the book is ready for pick-up you will be called by a staff member or sent an email or text message directly from Apollo. You will then have 48 hours to pick up the book. If you are no longer interested in borrowing the book please call and let the staff know.

Reserve a room?

There are several rooms and a lovely garden at the Webb available for parties and meetings. Use of the rooms is without charge unless the event occurs after hours or if your event is for profit. The fee is $15 per hour for after hours use. For money making events, terms will be negotiated by the Director. All reservations must be made through the Director. Please call the library at (252) 726-3012 for further information.

Support the Webb?

Support can come in many forms: Membership in the Friends of the Library of the Webb Center (friendsofthewebb@gmail.com), financial donations, and magazine subscriptions are some ways to support the library. Volunteering, serving on special events committees, and supporting specific programs are ways to be more personally involved with the Webb.

Use a computer?

The Webb has several computers for public use. There are two in the Children’s Room (one online) for use by younger patrons and six in the computer lab for adult use. Computer usage is on a first come basis with a 30 minute limit. Print-outs are available for 15 cents a page. Also, since the library is wi-fi connected, you are welcome to bring your laptop.