Meeting Rooms

Rental Application for Meeting Rooms


In order that the Webb Library Building is properly maintained and with consideration for the security and safety of the staff and equipment, the following rules and regulations apply to any request to use the Webb Library Building:

All arrangements must be made through the Library Director or staff designee who will approve and maintain a schedule of meetings.

Building use must not interfere with the regular operation of the Library.

Children must be supervised at all times.

No smoking is allowed in the building or on the grounds, including the garden.

No open flames are allowed in the building or in the garden.

Nothing may be nailed, taped or attached to the walls.

Immediately after use the area must be cleaned and all extraneous items removed. If food or drink has been allowed, all surfaces must be wiped and trash generated from the event removed from the premises.

No loud music or activity will be allowed that will disturb the normal operation of the Library. The determination of what constitutes a disruptive activity will be at the sole discretion of the library staff.

No fee will be charged during regular library hours for library sponsored events, non-profit programs, or programs that promote reading, writing, or education. Events that extend beyond the regular library hours must be approved in advance. A $20.00 per hour fee will be charged for activities extending beyond normal library hours.

For non-library sponsored events (parties, clinics, business presentations, closed meetings, etc) a $20.00 per hour fee will be charged. This fee applies to regular library hours and beyond and must be approved in advance.

Special rates may be available from the town for long-term/on-going use of the building by groups or individuals.

A Webb Rental Application must be submitted for any activity that involves a fee (see 9 – 11).

In the event of a violation of these rules, the library staff reserves the right to immediately terminate the function.