Webb Collections

North Carolina

There are currently 130 books in the Webb Library having to do with the history and culture of North Carolina. Some are stories and story telling of local interest while others contain factual information about our environment and historical background. There are many books relating to Carteret County towns.

Indians of the Americas

Most of the 52 books in this collection were donated in honor of Melvin Anderson Jones. This group of books includes information and stories about the native population in both North and South America.


The books in our Classics Room were given to the Morehead Woman’s Club in the late 1930’s by Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Webb, Sr. to be the basis of the Club’s ever growing lending library. There are over 1000 books, some with copyright dates going back to the mid-1800’s.

Civil War

This collection is composed of mostly donated books. There are about 155 books in this collection.

Black Culture

A gift to the Webb from Ms. Connie Asero, this collection relates to black culture in the United States and elsewhere. It includes both fiction and non-fiction genres. There are approximately 200 books in this collection.

Large Print

In order to accommodate an increasingly older population, and all those who are visually impaired, the Webb has over 500 large print books available. Thanks to a $10,000 donation from Mr. & Mrs. William Glasgow of Morehead City, the library will be able to regularly add to this collection over the next several years.